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Who we are

We started Outrun Collectibles with the goal of serving Canada's Toy and Collectibles market with hassle-free shipping, fair prices, wide variety, and unmatched customer service. It's our mission to become the first stop for any collector to find their newest addition or their long sought-after hidden gem. 

About the founder

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm originally from London, Ontario, but I moved to Toronto with my wife Madison a few years ago to work in film production. During the Covid-19 pandemic, my passion for collecting action figures and toys was reignited, and that soon led to this very website. I didn't always have the money to spend on things like this growing up, so I really want to make it the mission of this store to ensure everyone gets fair pricing and fair treatment. I hope we can grow this amazing community together and all get to share in the collective joy that these little toys can bring all of us. If you ever have any question, feel free to reach out to me personally at